47 x 47 Corner Desk in Amber Bamboo


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Think green. Think really, really green. Legaré Sustainable is produced from Moso bamboo, the most valuable and sustainable species of bamboo in the world. Amazingly, it regenerates over 100 feet in height in less than 6 months yet it's one of the strongest building materials known, having been used for construction for over 5000 years. New technology has enabled plywood and flooring to be made from bamboo, and Legaré Sustainable plywood utilizes only the finest Moso bamboo harvested from groves in central China. And Legaré Sustainable has an eco-friendly "carbonized" finish produced by a non-toxic kiln process that gives our furniture its rich golden amber color. In fact, the kiln process uses the waste material from the making of the plywood for its heat source. Patented tool-free assembly, incredibly strong tab & slot design, and many other forward-thinking user features, are just a few of the innovations you'll find in every piece of Legare Sustainable furniture. The 47" x 47" Corner Desk is perfect for the home office. The work surface is reversible for many years of dependable use, and its multiple 12" shelves provide handy storage for books and CDs. Features: Comes with three 12" shelves , holds up to six shelves Shelves are adjustable in 6-3/8" increments Can have peninsulas, bridges and/or extensions attached to either side
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